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(March 2005 to March 2007??)

This page is dedicated to the pages I have made for a Round Robbin (pages only journals) of By Hand Artists. Enjoy.

Even though the last pages I worked on was in March 2007, there are still people that are working on other people's pages, so the journal is still continuing. I was fortunate to get mine back in Oct of 2006 and you can view the way I bound my journal by going almost to the bottom of this page in the section "Pages from my Journal" and click on "Journal Bound"

Click on image to enlarge:

Pages made for PattiS:

Pages made for Therese M: (size 11"w X 8 1/2"h)

Pages made for Linda C: (Size 6"w X 9 1/4"h)

Pages made for Charmaine S: (size 11"w X 8 1/2"h)

Pages made for Nadine W: (size 8 1/2"w X 11"h )

Pages made for Donna K: (Size 8"w x 10"h)

Pages made for Joanne R: (Size 8"w x 10"h)

Pages made for Lilo R: (Size 10"w x 8"h)

Pages made for Pat G: (Size 10"w x 7.5"h)

Pages made for Anne A: (Size 7.5"w x 11"h)

Pages made for Christi C: (Size 6"w x 9"h)

Pages made for Cathy H: (Size 7"w x 5"h)

Pages made for Vicky M: (Size 11"w x 7 1/2"h)

Pages made for Suzanne C: (size 9 1/2" x 8")

Pages made for Mieke M: (Size 6 1/2"w x 9 1/2"h)

Pages made for Susanna M: (6 1/4"w x 9 1/2"h)

Pages made for my journal: (Size 8"w x 10"h)


Journal Bound


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Thanks for taking the time to view my journal pages. I have done a similar page for the ATC's I've made for several swaps, and also a Fiber Swap as well as a Misc Art Page for a Bundle Alphabet Book. You can view them by clicking on the links below.

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