I took a four day workshop with Peter Thornton in May of 2009. Learnt lots of little tricks and may even start to like Roman Caps. The items below are things I created during these 2 workshops. The first two days was "Pushing the Pencil, Pulling the Pen", and I must admit it just didn't motivate me to sign up for this class, but I'm glad I finally did (the night before...). The second workshop was Decorated Letters - Adolf Bernd - style. This class I was looking forward to. I wanted to learn the nuances of colors etc. I'm basically a color junky and have just about every color of various brand names. It becomes quite heavy when I'm lugging them to classes. I decided to stay focused and purist this time. I only brought 3 primary colors of warms and cool family. Boy did I get pleasantly surprised by the wonderful colors I was able to create. I now have no "fear" of just bringing that itty bitty palette and knowing I can create almost any color I want.

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Decorated Letters
May 4th & 5th

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Pulling the Pen
May 3rd
Pushing the Pencil
May 2nd

Stay tuned for more Calligraphy in the future.

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