"Pulling the Pen" with Peter Thornton May 3, 2009

Created: May 6, 2009

I really like this piece. The brown center portion is done with Higgin's Sepia ink and Peter's Ruling pen, basically writing the letters of a word one on top of the other - I also added a couple vertical and horizontal lines to add interest in the "mish mash". Then with a pencil writing the quote in a pressure release with a touch of a curve style.

Words: This just ain't legible. Oh well

This is another variation of composition. Writing a large version of a word with the ruling pen and the same ink as above, then writing your text in a pleasing arrangement. I like the way this one turned out too.

Words: We come from earth, we return to earth, and in between we garden.

I was just playing with this one and then added a touch of color with some Derwent watercolor pencils.

Words: is this a mish mash or artistic creation

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