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"Misc Challenges 2020"

This web page is for Misc challenges I'll be entering in 2020. The cards are available for sale unless otherwise marked.

All prices are in Canadian funds plus a shipping and handling charge of $1.50 within Canada for flat cards (for international orders or 3D type cards there will be a slightly higher mailing cost).  GST/HST will be added where applicable. 


Step #1: As you're browsing, jot down the ID number of the cards you'd like.

Step #2: Send me an e-mail listing your choices (ID number ). When ordering please make sure to include your name, e-mail address, as well as city, province and postal code. I will get back to you within a couple of days, via e-mail, with confirmation of your order as well as mailing costs and total cost of order.

Cards will be delivered within 1 week after payment (personal check) has cleared . Certified checks and money orders will result in faster delivery. Delivery is approximately one week via regular postal service. - It's as simple as that!

NEW: I now also accept payment via PayPal

Enjoy browsing

Should you want more information or how to order similar cards, please send me an e-mail


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June/20 Rose - A Single Rose June/20 - Peony - Today Was Good June/20 - Peonies - Live Life In Full Bloom May/20 TH Grunge & Texture tech
n/a n/a n/a $10.00 ea
Apr/20 Rose - I'd Rather Have Roses Apr/20 - Hydrangea - By Being Yourself Apr/20 - Iris - Being Still and Silent Apr/20 Rose - I Don't Have A Purple Problem
n/a n/a n/a n/a
Apr/20 TH Facebook Demo Gradient - Grunge Technique - Hello Multilingual Feb/20 - Roses - True Friendship Jan/20 - Lily Of The Valley - Sweetest Of The Flowers Jan/20 - Watercolor Lt Pink Peony - And The Wind
$12.50 n/a n/a

Jan/20 - Watercolor Iris - In The Language

Jan/20 - Watercolor Yellow Rose - What's in a Rose

Jan/20 - Side Fold - Night Sky - If I Had A Star

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