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ID: PeelOffs - MOM
5"w x 7"h

Created May 6, 2007

I started with a value pack cardstock mid lavender color from the "Purple Passion" set.  I cut a piece of Bazill Monochromatics cardstock "Emma"  slightly smaller than my main card and attached it with an ATG tape . I cut out the lilac sprig from K & Co "Juliana Lilacs Embossed Paper #633049" and glued it to my card with a glue stick. Rubber stamped the word "MOM" (Quietfire Design "Caps" alphabet set) and Brilliance Dew Drops "Pearlescent Lavender"  and Stampendous "Amethyst" embossing powder. Used 2 silver Peel Off butterflies  and filled the spaces with Sakura's Quickie glue and sprinkled a dark purple and pale pink glitter. Filled in the rest of the areas with Sakura's Stardust "Clear" gel pen. See detail pic. Added a silver flower in each corner.

For the inside; I picked up the negative portions of some silver butterflies using the Peel Offs "Magic Tape". I outlined one butterfly and put a body and antennae on the other with a silver gel pen. The words "Happy Birthday" were done with a script type nib, various colors of gouache with Schmincke Gold powder floating on top. Those round dots started off with an unhappy blob on the green "y"... So I said to myself, OK, just put round blobs on some of the other letters and voila, a new style of letters.



Tip: The Peel Offs "Magic Tape" is indispensable for picking up negative portions of the images. It's also re-usable. 

BUT... in a pinch I tried regular Scotch Brand "Removable Magic Tape" & regular "Magic tape" layering one piece slightly on top of another until I had a large enough piece to cover the image I wanted to pick up. I cut the image away from the main sheet, put my tape on top of it and pressed down. It doesn't really stick to the tape. It's only as you're removing the backing and lifting the corners of the image with an x-acto blade that it starts to stick. It takes a bit of dexterity and patience. When you've lifted the whole image, transfer it to your card. Careful it really sticks. Both tapes have their limitations, the removable tape doesn't hold the pieces as firmly, but won't stick to your substrate, whereas the regular tape holds the little pieces firmly  but may stick to your substrate too much. You choose...

Note: if you're not able to lift all the small pieces at one time with the Peel Offs Magic Tape, don't sweat it, just pick up what you can, place it where you want and go back and pick up the rest.


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