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ID: PeelOffs - BFlies Gate Fold
5"w x 7"h

Created May 9, 2007

I started with a value pack cardstock dark blue color from the "Heritage" set. Used my "Scor-it"  to make the gate folds at the 2.5" mark, leaving the center portion 5"w. I cut an extra piece to back the covers and glued it down with the ATG tape . I used a Coluzzle Circle template to cut out the center portion of both pieces of cardstock at the same time (without creasing the cardstock fold the card in half, paper clip top and bottom and place on Coluzzle mat to start cutting). Used my 1/2" Terrific Tape  on the opening edges and sprinkled it with Old Island "Red Dragon" embossing powder (it's a red EP with gold in it). Rubber stamped the quote (Quietfire Design "If nothing ever changed"), splitting the quote, and used Brilliance Dew Drops "Platinum Silver" , heat set. I also cut a piece of the Silver Brushed Metallic stripped paper  for the inside, slightly larger and glued it down. Cut off the silver Peel Offs  butterfly bunch  from the main sheet and used alcohol inks  (butterscotch, chili pepper, blue). Used the 1" wide Terrific Tape  on a spare piece of blue cardstock. Removed the backing and glued the butterfly grouping (careful, it's really, really sticky). Cut around the grouping, then sprinkled some holeless silver beads, then sprinkled gold glitter to fill all the little crevices).  Glued it to the inside of the card with a glue stick. 




Rubber stamped the quote (Quietfire Design "The longest journey") on the inside with the "Platinum Silver"

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