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I absolutely loved the 2 day workshop I took with Yves from Belgium. He's a very good teacher. I'm not in to Romans and printing letters per se, but these were right up my alley. I didn't have to follow those rule sizes for Romans that drive me crazy, since these letters were a melange of large/small tilted, squeezed and whatever... BIG GRIN

Created: June 10, 2013


#1: We went through a pile of exercises, starting with creating a skeleton alphabet using a sharpened or mechanical pencil.

#2: Then we went on to squeeze the letters so they all more or less fit into a rectangle. We also sloped the letters 5 to 10


#3: Then we gave the letters an upward tilt to energize them. This should only be done very slightly.

#4: Then we started to bend all the straight lines slightly. Note the bends can go either way, trust your instincts.



#5: Now we're working with pressure release. Make sure you don't end up with dots at the beginning and ending and nothing in between. It needs to be a gradual lifting of the pencil from heavy to light and back again. (the upper sample is a remake and a better sample)

#6: Now we're bouncing (dancing) around the baseline and using various elements.


#7: We were asked to write the text block incorporating various elements we learned.

PS - Yves didn't like my "ss's" in the last portion, so he demoed what would be more acceptable.


#8: Now we're working on creating the thicks and thins to add contrast.

#9: Then we were told to use the word "Weight" and start from very light pressure to very heavy. Then adding the word "less" and work from the heavy to the light.

Under that is just a practice piece.

In between exercises I was playing as usual... I continued to use pencil, but then shifted to a colored pencil & a "NoBlot" pencil misted with water.

#10: We were asked to look at the differences of the Trajan letters versus Versal letters. We then started to add serifs to our letterforms keeping in mind the previous element variations.


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