ID: Slip Knot Booklet - Quote Me

Created: July 7, 2022
Size closed: 6"w x 6"h x .75"thk

I came across someone mentioning this type of binding... so looked it up and found this uTube instructional video. Well done. See it HERE

It's extremely versatile if you have single page binding needs. Will also work with Signatures but you wont see as much of the stitching detail. It does need heavy cardstock or cardboard pages rather than text weight paper. The binding will probably rip the binding holes...

I created this one to hold some of my Scribbled Lives challenge quotes.




I used parchment scrapbook papers in various tones. The cover is thinner scrapbook paper so I doubled it up and adhered 2 pieces together.

Each hole is individually bound with a 4ply brown waxed linen thread folded in half. The 2 ends inserted into the hole from the inside and then threaded through the loop to create your 1st slip knot. Ends inserted through the inside of the next page hole and threaded through the loop created. Continue to the end and tie a double knot.

I punched my holes 1/4" from the edge and used approx 2" of thread for each page plus covers and a bit more to string the beads (hand made bead as well as beads from a necklace I broke apart...).


I used a 6.0 Parallel pen and Sumi ink in Blackletter style for the title adding the white with a pointed nib and Bleed Proof white ink.



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