BVCG February 2021 Lettering Challenge

Our Guild put out a challenge in November 2019 and when it was almost done, we begged for another one - BIG GRIN 

We've been going pretty strong since then with only a few months missing sigh... Click HERE to see past challenges.

We need to write one word per day in any hand you want - no restrictions... or do them all in one day BIG GRIN  You know me and challenges... I usually really like them and this is another one right up my alley. 


Please click on the images below to see that week's words and descriptions.

Week 1 Week 2
Week 3 Week 4

Stay tuned for more Calligraphy in the future.

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If you have any comments, ideas or questions, please send me an e-mail

Click the link to see pics of other Calligraphy workshop I've taken Calligraphy_Gallery

Or Click the link to see my calligraphy artwork. Enjoy  Calligraphy_Art

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