ID: Japanese 4 Needle Booklet - This & That

Created: May 19, 2022
Size closed: 3"w x 4"h x 1"thk

BVCG hosted Sherrie Lovler teaching us this Japanese 4 needle binding as well as doing an abstract type of painting with Sumi ink and watercolors and misc other products.. Fun.

It is so addictive... so thought I'd do my Scribbled Lives Wk 20 in one.




I used a yellowish toned mulberry paper that I had lying around.

The folios are 6"w x 4"h folded in half with most of them opening up to 12"w or a cut opening to hold other types of paper or cardstock etc.

I wrote the word "This & That" with a Zig Writer in a "Curlz" type lettering style.

BINDING: Thread 2 needles to one piece of thread approx 20" for this booklet. Starting with the back section (working back to front), insert the needles from the inside into the 1st 2 holes from the top (one needle in each hole). Repeat with next 2 threaded needles in bottom holes. Insert needles into next signature then put the 2nd needle into the 1st hole in this signature, and the 1st needle into the 2nd hole. Pull snug. Put the needles directly above in the next signature. and repeat the cross over of needles to the outside. Work on the bottom 2 holes at the same time. Tie knots when in the final signature and cut remaining thread.

These pockets hold 110# Staples white cardstock and cutout edged with a geli print.


a pocket with Arches 90# HP watercolor paper and the cut edge of the booklet (reinforced) and bottom edge with a geli print on Arches Text Wove paper.


flaps open out on both sides to create a page12"w... (oh the possibilities...) This  was created for wk-20 of Scribbled Lives 2022



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