Deanna's Technique Journal & Gift Box
(closed): approx 6.75"w x 9"h x 1.5" thk.
Page size: 5.5"w x 8.5"h

Created: March 4, 2009
Modified: March 11, 2009


One of my friends is having a "Milestone" birthday (won't say how young she is... ). We have fun having play days, and i thought giving her a technique journal would help her keep track of techniques she enjoys doing. I started her off with a bunch of techniques that I like. This also served as the ice breaker, of starting a brand new journal. Staring at those blank pages seems to intimidate a lot of people. Well some of them aren't blank anymore. BIG GRIN


The covers are covered with a Radiant Batik background done on Arches text wove and it's from the Papers Transformed book by Julia Andrus. I made a similar one for my technique journal but in different colors. You can find the instructions HERE.

Besides all kinds of flourishes (some from Quietfire Design) I also put word stamps from Roann Mathias and rubber stamped my friend's name with my newest Inkadinkado Alphabet stamps (Sonnet).


Pics of the back, spine and front

It's a zutter coiled journal and I used a larger coil and made the spine thicker than needed so there's lots of room for expansion and adding all kinds of samples. It's 100 pages of regular copy paper.

The covers are book board and I protected the corners of the covers with gold scalloped book corners. The spine material is unprimed canvas that I had recently painted in  a workshop with Christine Ahmad and then I used colored pencils (my new Lyra Color Giants) to do the title.

The inside of the covers are also done with the Radiant Batik paper. I added large brown eyelets along the top and bottom of the covers both as a decorative element and to also reinforce holding down the paper, spine and inside envelope structure that holds the text block.

Gift Box and envelope

Top & Front view


A while back I was tidying up my workspace and shoved a bunch of background papers and other misc. art papers into a box. (this is not the first time I do this... I've got many boxes and bags with bits of this and that after every attempt to tidy up) Anyway, I decided to make a box for Deanna's journal out of foam core, and after making it, was just going to wrap it in wrapping paper. Then I thought, if it's only wrapping paper, chances are it will get thrown in the garbage... OK brilliant thought here, decoupage it.  So out came one of these boxes filled with stashed papers. This one had a color print out of an image of sweaters I had knit (this was for my Knit one Purl one Piano hinge journal), I had water soluble waxed crayons I had used on texture plates, and one had some writing with the word "testing" on it. I had several color wash spray type backgrounds (greens, a mauve one, a walnut ink one), Some kind of acrylic painted background I think which used a credit card, Some kind of waxed paper technique I had layered to another thin paper, a ranger resist on the bottom, and one piece of stationary paper - the flower. And I had done the edges with an orange and salmon tissue paper.

The hinges are part of my canvas painted material from Christine Ahmad's class last month. I adhered a piece of Sookwang tape and then cut out the pointed shape and stuck it to my cover and back edge. The inside has a strip along the whole inside back edge of Book Binders tape which I had painted in matching colors. The inside of the box is just the white of the foam core. I put in a couple pieces of tissue paper to hold the journal. And I used my new rubber stamp I had won From GG Design in January. It's a round stamp with "hand made by" and then my signature was added on the rubber to create a whole personal stamp. Really nice. I usually use my printed labels but I thought for this one this would be perfect. You can see it on the bottom of the box image on the upper right hand side.

Left Side

Right side

Back & Hinges

even the Bottom's done

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