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ID: PeelOffs - MardisGras
5"w x 7"h

Created May 6, 2007

This was the first card I made using the Mardi Gras Peel Offs  so I went a little overboard and tried various supplies to color in the negative spaces.

This is an oversized version of one of the Peel Offs. I scanned the Peel Offs and manipulated the image until I had an enlarged black outline image. I laser printed that onto cream colored 65lb cardstock. Went over all the outline lines with Deco Arts 3D Paper Effects "Black Pearl", then started coloring. Starting from the left side of the head dress (both sides are the same):
1) Sakura Souffle pens Purple & blue. 
2) Zig 2 way glue & blue glitter
3) Tombow watercolor markers #665 (magenta color) & 443 (turquoise color) blending them with a water brush mixture (30/70 iridescent medium & water)
4) Ranger's Ice Sticklers "Crystal ice"
5) Sakura Gelly Roll Moonlight pens "#421 Rose" & "#429 Green" then mushed around with the water brush mixture.
6) Perfect Pearls "Berry Twist" & "True Blue Sparkle" mushed around with the water brush mixture


Working your way down the face, all items were applied with a plain water brush by using the tip of the brush to pick up some color then moving it around to paint the area:

Upper portion of face/head dress: Jacquard "Aztec Gold" & Sparkle Copper".

Face: "Interference Gold". Eyes: "Pearl White" & "Turquoise" Lips: "Flamingo Pink"

Large round area "Interference Violet"

Next 2 little sections I colored in with a black Zig marker then with the "Interference Violet"

I added 3 blue adhesive backed rhinestones.

The words "Mardis Gras" were done with both sets of italic alphabets from Quietfire Design. I used Brilliance Dew Drops "Graphite Black"  then shadow outlined them with a juicy blue gel pen .

Added the Magenta Peel Offs copper border  on two sides of the card.

The postage stamp is 1.75" x 2" made from a 1" x 1" Marvy postage stamp punch. (the basic single fold was taught to me by Carole C @ paper Pastimes, using oversized punches to make folded pages for cards etc., I expanded on the idea).

Trick: Fold a piece of paper approx 2.5" x 2.5" in quarters. Slip this into the postage punch staying away from 2 of the cutting edges. Punch and unfold. You now have an oversized postage stamp. This can be done with all kinds of punches (squares, rounds to make ovals, etc etc). Depending on the punch you have and the thickness it can punch at one time, you can also do small accordion folds to create long punched out items.

I computer generated the postage stamp text "YogiCan" & "$2.00" prior punching. I stuck on the negative portion of one of the Mardi Gras Peel Offs .

Tip: The Peel Offs "Magic Tape" is indispensable for picking up negative portions of the images. It's also re-usable. 

BUT... in a pinch I tried regular Scotch Brand "Removable Magic Tape" & regular "Magic tape" layering one piece slightly on top of another until I had a large enough piece to cover the image I wanted to pick up. I cut the image away from the main sheet, put my tape on top of it and pressed down. It doesn't really stick to the tape. It's only as you're removing the backing and lifting the corners of the image with an x-acto blade that it starts to stick. It takes a bit of dexterity and patience. When you've lifted the whole image, transfer it to your card. Careful it really sticks. Both tapes have their limitations, the removable tape doesn't hold the pieces as firmly, but won't stick to your substrate, whereas the regular tape holds the little pieces firmly  but may stick to your substrate too much. You choose...

Note: if you're not able to lift all the small pieces at one time with the Peel Offs Magic Tape, don't sweat it, just pick up what you can, place it where you want and go back and pick up the rest.

I then drew a copper toned border with a gel pen.




I used the same image as the front using the outline portion of the Peel Offs. Colored it in with a reddish, salmon colored & gold gel pen  and moving the color around with my water brush mixture.  Stamped the quote (Quietfire design "Love where you're at") with Versa Mark Dew Drops "Jumbo Java" 

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