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Hand Made Greeting Cards made in Lynn Slevinsky's Class Jan 26 & 27, 2008 & June 2012

Talk about a couple of fabulous classes. Just chock full of good ideas, fabulous cards and papers and a bunch of new Monolines for my repertoire. Lynn does such a wonderful job, is so creative and totally organized. We made 11 cards and 1 heart thingie during our 2 day workshop and each set of cards was packaged for us ready to put together and add our own little twists. She spent a lot of time and effort into cutting papers and ribbons, dry embossing details on cardstock, packaging beads and brads, making all the instruction sheets with diagrams and measurements, and I'm sure a host of other things I'm not even aware of. Thank you Lynn.

All prices are in Canadian funds plus a shipping and handling charge of $1.00 within Canada (for international orders there may be a slightly higher mailing cost).  GST/HST will be added where applicable. 


Step #1: As you're browsing, jot down the ID number of the cards you'd like.

Step #2: Send me an e-mail listing your choices (ID number ). When ordering please make sure to include your name, e-mail address, as well as city, province and postal code. I will get back to you within a couple of days, via e-mail, with confirmation of your order as well as mailing costs and total cost of order.

Cards will be delivered within 1 week after payment (personal check) has cleared . Certified checks and money orders will result in faster delivery. Delivery is approximately one week via regular postal service.

I also now accept payment via Pay Pal

It's as simple as that!

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ID# "Lynn's Class June/12 - Tri-Fold Copper"
Price: NFS

ID# "Lyn's class June/12 - Shimmer Sheetz Sunshine"
Price: NFS

ID# "Lynn's Class June/2" - Italian Poster
Price: NFS

ID# "Lynn's Class June/12 - Certified Original"
Price: NFS 


ID: Lynn's Class - Acrylic Resist - Bon Voyage

ID: Lynn's Class - China Resist - Just 4 U

ID: Lynn's Class - Floral Collage - Just 4 U

ID: Lynn's Class - Vintage HB





ID# "Puzzle Heart"
Price: not for sale 

ID# "WC - Just Because"
Price: 15.00 

ID# "Ribbon HB"

ID# "Licorice HB"





ID# "Letters HB"
Price: 15.00 

ID# "Pastel"
Price: 12.00 

ID# "Wire Beads HB"
Price: 15.00 

ID# "Floral Tag HB"
Price: $15.00 





ID# "Collage Thoughts"
Price: 15.00 

ID# "Collage LoveU"
Price: 15.00 

ID# "Collage Sunflower"

ID# "Collage Bon Voyage"
Price: $15

The above four collage cards were created at the same time, so for ease of explanations I've only created one page for the larger images and descriptions. Please click here for the Collage Cards page.


We learnt 4 monoline styles. I've made exemplars and a couple samples of 3 of them - Burgert, New Celtic & Rennie Mackintosh

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