Roann Mathias Class (March 8 & 9, 2008)


For this class we basically worked with a full series of Mitchell nibs, practicing on Non Repro Blue 8 square to the inch pads. I then worked on some Genoa Bond (another type of calligraphy practice paper), Arches Text Wove & Full Spectrum cardstock in Black. At the end of the 2nd day, we were all given a beautiful cardstock (matches a grey creamy toned parchment paper) to make an accordion, portrait style, type booklet, were we would paste our artwork, and the cardstock wrapped around to create a cover. I have the cardstock, but I didn't create the same booklet like everyone else.... OK, so you're groaning... do I ever create what everyone else is?? 

So instead I cut my covers (8"w x 4.25"h) from a faux linen mat board. Used the black full spectrum cardstock (which has a nice feel to it without being too thick), to create 1/2" accordion folds to attach my pages to. I keep the booklet closed with a slotted black alpha piece of cardstock which slides off and I slide it onto the cover only to prevent me from loosing it. Some of the pages are wider than the book, so I folded them in. Unless otherwise mentioned the pages are 7.5"w x 4"h

I left a few of the accordions empty so I can add a few more pages eventually


ID: Book standing open


Closed (to see Closure)


ID: P1 - Exemplar (10.5" w)

One of the exemplars where I used various pen widths but using the same x-height (line spacing) Used Parallel Pens 1.5, 2.4, 3.8 & Mitchell #4 on 1/4" lines


ID: P2 Long Way (14"w)

I picked up these Mitchell scroll writer nibs from Suzanne at Quietfire Design and really love them. I figured I'd try them out with this Bookhand lettering using black Moon Palace sumi ink. I then colored them in with Derwent Inktense watercolor pencils and moved the color around with my waterbrush. 


ID: P3 Laugh


ID: P4 Garlic

This was done on Text Wove. I free hand drew the large letters then outlined them in black and then in colored pencils. I also colored them with colored pencils. The "out loud" is done with a 1.5 parallel pen and a press-release-press action to get thicker and thinner areas. Not easy.

Text wove again. Used the 1.5 Parallel nib and the scroll nib. "Garlic" was colored in with Derwent Graphitint pencils and the "insanity" I used Inktense.



ID: P5 Snow

I used the full spectrum cardstock for this one. Mixed my Gouache and added some Neuberg E Ebel Gold powder. The only problem is that it smears and definitely needs spraying with a fixative. The white is Dr Martin's Bleed Proof white mixed with water.

Words: And the day came without snow...

Bookhand_GarlicDetail1a ID: Garlic Detail 1a

Bookhand_GarlicDetail1b ID: Garlic Detail 1b


ID: P6 Exemplar (10.5"w)

This exemplar was done using the same nib size but varying the ascender/descender height

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