Scribbled Lives - May 2020

Created: May 8, 2020
Modified: June 26, 2020

This is the fifth month of challenges for the Scribbled Lives Facebook group.




ID: Wk 19 - Orange - Vincent Van Gogh
Size: 8.5"w x 5"h

I pulled out my Chromacolour paints which I haven't used in probably 6 years... 

On Staples 110# white cardstock painted the background with "Phthalo Blue".

I tried writing with a flat edge brush, but my lettering was too big... then I tried my Parallel pen which worked but I wasn't getting the color shifts I wanted on the blue. So I finally drew in a funky outlined letter and painted the interiors with "Cadmium Yellow Light Hue" and "Cadmium Orange Hue", dropping in the alternate color.

Quote: There is no blue without yellow and orange. Vincent Van Gogh


ID:  Wk 20 - It is Time - Rose
Size: 10"w x 7"h

On Fabriano "Black Black" and using a Haff 629 ruling pen with Bleed Proof White ink, wrote out my text in a variation of Akim. Got some nice fine spatters... Colored in some negative and positive areas using Pitt Pastel pencils, blending with my finger.

Quote: It is time you have wasted on your rose that makes your rose so important. Antoine de Saint Exupéry ("The Little Prince")




ID: Wk 20 -  How Did It Get So Late
Size:  7.5"w x 7"h

On Staples 110# white cardstock wrote out my underlying variation of Akim text using an empty 6.0 Parallel pen as a dip pen and various colors of Holbein Gouache (Opera; Permanent Yellow; Flame Red; Olive Green mixed with Pearl White; Aqua Blue)

When dry wrote the rest of the quote using Zebra G pointed pen nib and Sumi ink.

Quote: How did it get so lat so soon? it's night before it's afternoon. December is here before June. My goodness how time has flown. How did it get so late so soon? Dr Seuss

ID: Wk 21 - Experiment - How High We Can Fly 1
Size: 8" x 8"

This was a take on TamerGGhoneim double loading technique with a watercolor ink and an acrylic ink. As the dipped ink gets used up the ink in the pen starts to flow out. I love double or triple loading my brush or pen, but this is the first time with 2 different types of ink. It didn't work out quite as beautiful as Tamer's, but I'm content with the results. Will continue to experiment...

On arches Text Wove. Filled a 6.0 Parallel pen cartridge with Ecoline "Blue Violet" and dipped it into FW Acrylic Ink "Brilliant Yellow". Wrote out the word "Experiment". Shadowed with a 3B graphite pencil and paper stump. 

Wrote the rest of the text in an Akim style in the Violet with a Zebra G pointed pen nib. 

Quote: Let us see how high we can fly before the sun melts the wax on our wings. Edward O. Wilson









ID: Wk 21 - Experiment - How High We Can Fly 2
Size: 7.5"w x 9"h

On the backside of glossy photo backdrop paper (which is a bit fussy...) wrote out my main word using a Simply Simons Chisel #10 brush using Artquest Mica Color "Stargazer" palette dipping one side of the brush into "Nova White" and the other edge into "Antares Orange". Highlighted with a white Prisma colored pencil.

Wrote the rest of the text with a white Gelly Roll pen. Added some colored pencil shaded areas.

ID: Wk 21 - Experiment - Until it finally flows
Size: 8.5"w x 8.5"h

On black cardstock using a Simply Simons Chisel #8 brush and Artquest Stargazer w/c palette (Nova White and Quasar Blue), double dipping my brush to write the large words.

The Akim text done with a Zebra G nib and Bleed Proof white ink.

Colored some areas with Prisma colored pencils.

Quote: Experiment, Experiment, Experiment until it finally flows from within you. It is a hard road. But the result is also a deep satisfaction. Jack Dickerson

The 2nd piece is the same one but I added some blue colored penciling in 2 of the large words.

ID: Wk 21 - Experiment - Until it finally flows 2
Size: 8"w x 7.5"h

Everything the same as the one above except the Akim text which I harrowed to extend it.

ID: Wk 21 - Experiment - Until it finally flows 3
Size: 7"w x 7"h

I think this is my favorite... I like the neater layout and the squareness.

This time I used the Artquest white with Ecoline "Red Violet" (it's more pinky in real life...). Text written and colored as above.

White gel pen outline.


ID: Wk 22 - Maya Angelou - Do The Best You Can
Size: 11"w x 9"h

This turned out as "Let's see what will happen...". I had done some practice lettering a quote on Strathmore Charcoal paper with Sumi ink. Ugh... Then I painted over it with some yellow and red Bister ink I had left over in a small palette and misted with lots of water. mmm interesting. I still saw the lettering in the background that was mushed. Needed to cover some of that away. Applied some Dreamweaver Pearlescent embossing paste partially through a couple stencils (Balzar Designs "Mini Deco Doily" and Altenew "Mini Cosmic Swirl"). Let dry. mmm not bad... Using Bleed Proof white and a Zebra G nib wrote out the quote in a Bookhand style, then shadowed with a black Zig Writer. DONE!!!

Quote: do the best you can until you know better. then when you know better, do better. Maya Angelou

ID: Wk 22 - Maya Angelou - You Alone Are Enough
Size: 8"w x 9"h

On Strathmore Charcoal paper wrote out the quote using a 6.0 Parallel Pen and Sumi ink in one of my versions of Neuland. Added shading using Lyra Super Ferby and Color Giant pencils. The separation dots colored with Kuretake Metallic pens.

Quote: You alone are enough. You have nothing to prove to anybody. Maya Angelou


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