Scribbled Lives - August 2021

Created: August 8, 2021
Modified: August 28, 2021

This is the Scribbled Lives Facebook group challenge.


ID: wk 31 - Mountain Quote - John Muir
Size: 10"w x 7"h

On black cardstock using my Brody pen (smaller edge) and Holbien Permanent White gouache drew my large "M" to mimic mountains. Used the tip and small edge for the rest of the quote.

Quote: the mountains are calling and i must go. John Muir

ID: Wk 32 - Thanks_Thank U
Size: 7"w x 5"h

On heavy weight Master Craft HP watercolor paper and using QoR watercolors, Kuretake Clean Color watercolor brush pens, Zig Writer and Micron pen created the piece as taught by Neus Caņas (Miss Meissa)


ID: Wk 33 - Numbers - Numbers Speak
Size: 6" x 6"

 On Arches 90# HP watercolor paper and using a 2.4 Parallel pen with Sumi ink created my letters and numbers. Colored between the letters wuing Kuretake Clean Color watercolor brush pens, blending with the lighter color.

Words: Numbers 1234567890 Speak 89121

In numerology:
8: Achiever/Source of Power
9: Wisdom and Responsibility
1: Route of Opportunity/Symbol of Confidence
2: Peacemaker

ID: Wk 34 - Bob Dylan - Ring Of Fire 1
Size: 10"w x 9"h

On Arches Textwove paper wrote out the large words using a Royal Soft Grip #12 flat edge brush and water in an Uncial style and sprinkling each letter with Brusho powders (Yellow and Scarlet). Smaller word "of" with a Simply Simmons Chisel #8.

When dry wrote out the main text with a 2.4 Parallel pen and Sumi ink.

Words: Ring of Fire
I fell into a burning ring of fire
I went down down down
And the flames went higher
and it burns burns burns
that ring of fire

ID: Wk 34 - Bob Dylan - Circular Ring Of Fire
Size: 9.5"sq

After making the rectangular design above I thought of making a circle for the "ring of fire"... used all the same products and techniques as the rectangle piece.

I drew my circles with a Helix circle ruler

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