PP Themes "African" November 2006 (Page2)

All the 3D elements were made with Sculpey and colored with stamp pad inks (Dew Drops, Mica Magic and some misc. types). Mostly using a beige, red/gold, dark brown, black, rust, gold and olive. The letters were usually edged in black or dark brown, then with a stencil brush into the lettering, wiped off with a tissue and retouched with whatever accent color I needed. Then heat set.

Zebras were either started with black or white in the creases, wiped excess off and then skimmed over the top with the opposite color either white or black.

Cat was done with black and wiped with a tissue, so you got a nice dark gray, then swiped with black again just on the high surfaces. It looks like the shine from the cats fur.

Elephant is black and white and a touch of brown, wiped after each application until I got a gray I liked.

Toothpicks (cocktail type) were colored with dark brown and then black then heat set.


ID: African - 3DCat - Wild Thing (unavailable)


ID: African - 3DElephant - Lefant (unavailable)

On the next 5 ATC's I used portions of napkins for the backgrounds. 

Mounted on dark brown cardstock. 

Mounted on dark gray cardstock

Lefant is a "Yogi" word for El-e-phant


ID: African - 3DMask&Cat - Wild Heart


ID: African - 3DMask - In The Wild (unavailable)

This used only a thin border from the tissue paper that had words on it "Africa Wild Heart". I pasted my first piece, cut off at the edge, then butted it against the first line until the strip was used up. I added an edge of a fiber type ribbon which mimics the grass the cat is behind. I put an edge layer of the brown leatherette before mounting onto medium brown cardstock. Mounted onto medium brown cardstock


ID: African - 3DZebra - Zebra #1 (unavailable)


ID: African - 3DMask - Africa #3 (unavailable)

Mounted onto black cardstock I used more olive on this mask and letters. So there is a definite greenish tinge to it. I added some fiber ribbon and used a green leatherette, and a bown/light brown striped paper, then mounted it all onto medium brown cardstock. 


ID: African - 3DMask - Africa #4 (unavailable)


ID: African - 3DMask - Africa #5 (unavailable)

Mounted the mask onto a stripped beige brown paper, edged it on the left with my hand made paper (with salt), mounted it onto black cardstock then mounted it all onto medium brown cardstock. Thermal embossed the word "Africa" using black embossing powder in the left section of black cardstock (hard to see that but in real it's a nice contrast between the shine of the embossed letters and the matte cardstock .  When I finished this one, I was tempted to put it in my black and white collection, but I figure I'll make more...

I used black textured paper on top of a  white textured glitter speckled paper, then all mounted onto dark brown cardstock. These letters were black first, rubbed off then dabbed (rather than swiped over) with the white stamp pad giving it a speckled effect. 


ID: African - 3DMask - Africa #6 (unavailable)


ID: African - 3DZebra - Africa #1 (not available)

The mask is mounted on a striped dark brown/medium brown paper then onto brown leatherette. Thermal embossed letters with gold embossing powder.  (Half an orange colored wood bead again). All mounted on medium brown cardstock. The same stripped paper but horizontal this time. Layered onto black then the white glitter flecked paper then all onto black cardstock. I used a piece of the fiber ribbon on the black cardstock before mounting everything. Thermal embossed the word "Africa" with black embossing powder.


ID: African - 3DZebra - Linear View (unavailable)


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This one is in the opposite order, White flecked onto black then the stripped brown then all onto black cardstock. Thermal embossed the word "Linear" with black embossing powder, then wrote the word "View" with a micron pen.

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