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ID: African - Giraffe - Neck Out (unavailable)


ID: African - Giraffe -  On High (unavailable)

I love the whimsy of these giraffe ATC's. They're basically a hand drawn giraffe on Mayfair Cover Stock. The outline and spots were embossed with my thermal embossing technique and a mix of embossing powders to create a unique kind of brown color (peridot, copper, gold & a touch of black). I then used some watercolors to put a wash of yellow & brown and dabbed it with some tissues, when dry I cut it out. Partially glued it (upper 1/4 of the head is loose and stands slightly away from the card) to a beige toned cardstock. topped it with a decorated paper of giraffe/leopard spots. Mounted it onto black cardstock. Wrote my words with gold gel pen.

Words: You have to stick your neck out to get ahead!

Giraffe is same as on left. Used a napkin with an African scene and glued it to some beige cardstock. Partially glued my giraffe. wrote the words with a black micron pen. Mounted it onto aqua cardstock.

Words: Oh! To be a giraffe and view the world from on high.


ID: African - 3DMask - Africa #1 (personal collection)


ID: African - 3DMask - Africa #2 (unavailable)

I love the decorated papers I used for these two 3D mask ATC's. One is a faux dark reddish brown leather look, one is beautiful stripes in a dark umber and a washed out brown. The mask is made from sculpey and I used stamp pad inks to color it, then accented it with a touch of metallic paint. The toothpicks are the round cocktail type. I used a brown dew drop stamp pad to color it. Glued some feathers, bead and then wrapped it with very thin copper wire. I Thermal embossed the word "Africa" with gold embossing powder. Mounted it onto a brown cardstock Same striped paper, sculpey mask and thoothpick.  The second paper is a crinkled splattered paper (used the rough deckle edge). I didn't add wire to this toothpick, just another bead. Mounted it onto a reddish brown cardstock.


ID: African - Elephant - Conquering (not available)


ID: African - Elephant - Friend (not available)

The next three, use one of the "Threw Paint Backgrounds" I did recently. I used a brass stencil for the elephants and a mix of paint and molding paste. Thermal embossed the words with copper embossing powder. Mounted it onto red cardstock.

Words: Conquering life one step at a time.

Same background and elephant technique. Wrote the words with a black micron pen. Mounted it  onto orange cardstock.

Words: Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow. Don't walk behind me I may not lead. Just walk beside me and be my friend. 


ID: African - Dancers - Dance #2 (unavailable)


ID: African - Paper Mask (unavailable)

Same background. I hand drew the dancers from a rubber stamp I saw. Painted them black with a black Pentel mini pocket brush. Thermal embossed my words with black embossing powder. Mounted it onto red cardstock. 

Words: Dance to your heart's rhythm.

I used black cardstock as the base, then assembled various decorative papers. Added gold 3D dots with my thermal embossing technique. The mask is molded paper  spritzed with some dirty twinkles water & walnut ink water.


ID: African - 3DPaste - Behind The Mask


ID: African - 3DPaste - Mask Of... (unavailable)

On a piece of white cheap watercolor paper, I used a brass stencil (Dreamweaver masks) and a stencil brush to apply the color to the background, using stamp pad inks. I put some Dreamweaver white molding paste on a glass plate and added a drop of Golden's fluid acrylics (a yellow and a magenta) and without mixing them, picked up everything with my palette knife and smeared it across my stencil. Mounted it onto Dark green cardstock. Added a piece of green leatherette cardstock on the left side. Glued some feathers at the base only and added a half wooden orange bead (I cut my wood beads in half to reduce bulk/thickness and I get 2 beads from one bead). I added some thermal embossed copper 3 D dots. Lettering with a black micron pen.

Words: Behind the mask

I picked us some wonderful leatherettes and other textural and decorative papers a while back at a wholesalers. I'm finally really getting to use them for this theme.

I used the same molding paste technique as the one on the left onto rich dark brown leatherette. Mounted it onto a white with variegations of browns, then both of these mounted onto a pink (yes pink) cardstock then onto a medium brown cardstock. Made a toothpick spear with gold wire and pin & yellow feathers and a pink bead. Thermal embossed my words with copper embossing powder.

Words: Mask of... 

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