ID: Glitter "Holly Leaf"
5"w x 7"h

Created: October 1, 2009

The holly leaf/berries are a rubber stamped image on the release paper of the double sided tape and then cut out, glittered and adhered to the main card.

Sookwang Tape 2.5"w
Glitter Ritz Micro Fine glitter - Peridot, Regal Red, Orange, Gold, Stardust, Warm Highlights
Rubber Stamps: Quietfire Design  Be Naughty
Rubber Stamp Artful Stamper "Large  Holly #CM1405P"
Versafine stamp pad Black Onyx
Staz-On Black
Embossing Powder Clear
White Cardstock

Pan Pastels Permanent Green Tint, Bright Yellow Green Shade


If you don't have a 1.5"w tape, then cut a piece the length of your card from the wider tape. Place it in the 1/3 area of the card. Sprinkle with the orange (very similar to copper), gold, stardust and a bit of warm highlights between the colors, merge, blend and burnish well. Burnish by rubbing your fingertip in a circular motion over every inch of the glittered area until you see the shine and it feels like a baby's bottom. Dump the mixed colors into a small container for misc backgrounds. (see detail pic at right)




Rubber stamp the image with the black on the card so that I could have the sprig detail after the next steps. Also rubber stamped the quote with the black and clear embossed it.

I put a piece of release paper on the back of my Sookwang tape sandwiching a small piece of tape where my stamp was larger than my tape. Stamped the image with Staz-On black. Cut out the main portion of the stamped image.

Note: Always try to start from dark colors to light colors - plan your work.

PS don't put a lot of glitter down (you can always add more)


For the more experienced crafters: (PS see the instructions at right for the less experienced crafter) With an x-acto knife I cut out a border around my image making sure I didn't cut through all my layers, but only the top release paper layer. * Removed the border release paper and sprinkled the black glitter. Burnished really well. Then with a moistened paper towel removed all excess glitter that wouldn't shake off into my container. Your paper and release paper has to be totally clean before doing the next color. Remove the release paper from the leaves and sprinkle on the green then a touch of the red. Blend and burnish colors. Remove the release paper from the berries. Put a drop of warm highlights and then some red. Burnish. Remove release paper from the back and place on card over stamped image. Note: this is as thin as skin and will stick to whatever it touches, so be forewarned.

For the less experienced crafters: If you are not able to work with just the skin of the tape than follow these directions. Place a piece of tape on your white cardstock then overlay a piece of  tape in the area where the rubber stamp would extend past the tape lifting the release paper to merge the two pieces of tape. Put some tape on the back of the white cardstock as well. Keep the release paper on both sides. Rubber stamp the image with Staz-On and keep a Sharpie marker handy for when you accidently remove some of the stamped image. Cut out the main design. With an x-acto knife create and cut a border around the inside of your image being careful not to cut through your tape/cardstock layers. Now continue from * at left.

Note: Always try to start from dark colors to light colors - plan your work.


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