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(closed): approx 6.5"w x 9"h x 1" thk.
Page size: 5.5"w x 8.5"h

Created: July 18, 2009


Ever since I've taken a class with Christine Ahmad (this was the second one) in February 2009, I've been having a blast painting canvas. So naturally it extends to making covers for my hand bound books.

Used lots of acrylic paints, rubber stamps (alphabets), foam & hand made stamps, stencils (Tim Holtz & others), Prisma colored pencils, Some Sumi Ink with a Parallel Pen (did bleed on the canvas, but I have no objection to that), and probably a few other things I can't remember.


Journal open flat

Top View



I used various acrylic paints in yellows, oranges & browns, lots of water on the canvas to blend colors. Some Making Memories Metallic acrylic paints for stamping as well as Versafine "Imperial Purple".

I used cream toned Stonehenge cardstock for the inside cover that attaches to the book covers which are mat board. I also added some Mulberry paper along the inside spine are since that is a bit visible if you look down from the top.  The pages are photo copy paper (50 sheets cut in half, gives you 200 pages - front & back). I attached 3/4 of the Stonehenge cover to the back of the journal cover, leaving about a1/4 free for a bit of movement when handling the journal.


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