ID: This & That

Book  (closed): approx 9.5"w x 6.5"h x 2" thk. (expandable)

My calligraphy guild BVCG put out a theme of "Trash to Treasure". I was a little stumped in what direction to go and then came up with this envelope book. One of the utility companies in Alberta "EPCOR" sends out a lot of return envelopes which all get tossed into the garbage. I decided to recycle some of them.

It is constructed as an accordion folded spine and the pages are sewn onto the valleys of the folds. The stitching does not get sewn onto the ribbon but rather over the ribbon so the accordion is still expandable. 

I'll use the book to hold all the little loose papers that accumulate on my desk, like used postage or a pic from a magazine etx.


I painted the front section of each envelope  using various colors of gesso (white, black, gold or venetian red) and all the flaps in white (to hide the printed text). I then went over the flaps with various colors of Lumiere paint and glued them to the inside of the envelopes. I cut 12" x 12" scrapbook cardstock (about 8 different colors) in half and folded the left side over at about the 3" mark, then glued the envelopes down. 




I used mat board for the covers. Glued on some adhesive backed foam letters for the title "This That" and applied a coat of white gesso over everything. Then painted it with Lumiere metallic blue. Added a gold lettreset ampersand.  Rubber stamped a butterfly & a dragonfly using JudiKins "Psychedelic" embossing powder. Love what it does. Changes colors and becomes a beautiful variegation of greens, golds, blues, pinks etc. Cut slots to feed my gold ribbon through. Edged the cover with a Krylon 24K gold leafing pen.


Butterfly Detail




Spine Detail


I used an Asian text rubber stamp for the background on the back masking the center portion.  I used a permanent black stamp pad and the psychedelic EP. I then made a mask of the center circle and with a brilliance black stamp pad colored in the whole circle area and embossed with the psychedelic EP. Then used a clear stamp pad and UTEE over top and while hot pressed in my Asian themed stamp using a Brilliance Moonlight White stamp pad. 

For the accordion spine I used the same scrapbook cardstock in a dark blue. I sewed the signatures onto the accordion spine using dark blue embroidery floss and over the gold ribbon. Then tied on a bunch of fibres to each spine section

This book has 12 signatures.

Envelope / page color combos.

I was in a heavy duty mode for color.

This&That_P1  This&That_P2




This&That_P7  This&That_P8  

This&That_P9  This&That_P10

This&That_P11  This&That_P12

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