ID: Raven's Foot Binding
"Quoth the Raven nevermore"

Journal  (closed): approx 6.75"w x 5.25"h x 1" thk.

This is another one of the instructions from Mary Kaye Seckler book called "Book Arts - Beautiful Bindings for Handmade Books". I changed the size and some of the detailing.

I used a book board for the covers, cut out a rectangle section in the front for a door which has the quote "Quoth the Raven nevermore" done with a Pentel parallel pen and moon palace ink. The door inside is painted with Bob Ross black gesso, the door "knob" is a piece of ribbon edging that I glued to get the gold detail on both sides of the ribbon. I cut out a notch to glue the ribbon in the door. I used linen hinging tape for the door hinge and painted it black as well and did an outline of the door in dark brown to camouflage the white edging from the papers. I covered both the front and back the same way, with a piece of brown type wood grain scrapbook paper and overlaid a piece of yellow mulberry paper that has a lot of pale yellow silk threads running through it (beautiful paper). 

I drilled my holes using my dremel and inserted my long neck gold eyelets (lucky I had bought a supply from Quietfire Design a while back) turning down the edges in the back and then hammering them flat so they didn't interfere with the covering paper. 

RavenFoot_Inside  Inside cover and cover for first signature

RavenFoot_Standing RavenFoot_SpineDetail

This book has 9 signatures of 5 pages each, plus the decorative page on alternating signatures. I used Grumbacher's, Paper for Pens, "Pentalic"

In the instructions the raven feet were all aligned along the edge. I decided I wanted one of them with it's foot forward. I also added some twisting going over the edge of the cover to give the illusion of a longer leg. I used heavily waxed black linen thread and covered it with an orangey DMC cotton perlė thread.


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