Book is balancing in an oval stand



Bead detail

ID: Piano Hinge Book #6
"Oval Xmas Ornament"

Journal only (closed): approx 2.5"w x 6.5 x 1.25" thk.
Journal only (open): approx 5.5"w x 6.5"h
approx 6.5"h from top of hanging loop to bottom of oval

This is my sixth piano hinge book. This one was made with the same single page cardstock signatures as the "Xmas Ornament". I used an oval cutter to get all my pages the same size using red and white cardstock. After marking the holes I trimmed each signature with a deckle edged rotary cutter and added glitter to those edges. I attached the signatures with red metallic embroidery floss. I gathered all the threads together at the top and threaded them through a large wooden bead. I painted the bead with a Krylon silver leafing pen and then did my thermal embossing using red embossing powder to create the little nubs all over the bead (love this effect)




I used mat board for the covers then used a Krylon silver leafing pen on the edges and glued down a piece of glossy paper I decorated with alcohol inks (red, white and silver).

The inside of the covers was the white of the mat board which I covered with crinkled white tissue paper and then colored with red stamp pad inks, wiping away the excess color until I got the density of color I wanted. 

I used the same binding technique as Joanne mentioned she used on her book. Rather than cutting away a portion of the hinges on the front and back cover, which I've done with my previous five books,  I left them the way they were so that I could use them to thread beads in between the left over hinge links. 

This is an 11 signature book.


I alternated white and red cardstock signatures


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