ID: Piano Hinge Book #2 "Clearly Colorific"

Journal only (closed): approx 4.5"w x 6"h x .75" thk.

Journal only (open): approx 8.5"w x 6"h
approx 10"h to the top of the slope of the Mizuhiki cords

This is my second piano hinge book. This is my own design and I love it. I used Mizuhiki cords instead of bamboo skewers and threaded cotton perle embroidery floss through the first signature and the cover . The thickness of the spine is now way less thick. I covered the front, back and inside covers with some hand made marbled paper I made quite a few years ago in a class I took with Sonja Idema. I always found the floral pattern I had used too large for any of my previous projects, but it was perfect for this one. Also edged the border the cover stock with a Krylon gold leafing pen.

"Colorific" adj - of or pertaining to color



I cut my pages with a circle cutter at 5.5" diameter from an assortment of colored scrapbook paper which is white on the back. I used 2 colors, plus the white of the back, per signature. Folded over only a portion of the edge of the circle, approx. 1.5", varying the direction of the fold, gluing and interlocked the pages, creating four pages for each signature. After the signatures were made I re-cut the edges of the circle with a deckle edge blade.


I used a wide assortment of beads, wood, metallic, glass heart, letter beads, crystal beads.


Thermal embossed with gold embossing powder and then I added drops of purple embossing powder. It uses the same principle as I use for my decorative soldering in my stained glass.


Spine detail


Mizuhiki cord running through center of signature. You can also see the way one of the pages interlock with the other. creating interesting color themes on each page. Some use both portions of the same pattern others use all 3 portions while this one only uses 2 portions (the white from the back and the yellow from a previous section).  


Back Cover


Inside Front Cover & 1st page. You can also see the detail of the letter beads I used spelling out the word "Colors" using a heart bead for the 2nd "o"

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