ID: Zutter Journal Hard Cover "Not Nuts"

Journal (closed): approx 7.5"w x 8.75"h x 1.25" thk.
Page size: 5.5"w x 8'5"h

Created: October 13/08
I was eating some pistachio nuts and looked at them and said they'd make great little shrines or something. So I adhered a bunch on a piece of mat board using a thick layer of Utrecht Gesso. When dried, I painted it with several layers of acrylic paint. Thus this journal was created.

The words written on the cover "I'm not nuts +++ Just a little over the edge" was done with a Mitchel 5.5 nib and Bleed Proof white ink mixed with some water in a funky, little crazy, type of lettering. The nut piece hangs slightly over the edge of the cover.


Spine Detail

The covers are made from book board, painted with Bob Ross Black Gesso. The Zutter spine is covered with black faux leather and tiny gun metal colored brads add detail as well as reinforcing the spine cover.

There are 100 sheets of Fraser Papers, Synergy Bond 25% cotton, Pure White paper. Each 10 sheets is separated by 2 sheets of 65# white cardstock, as well as 2 cardstock sheets at the front and back for a total of 244 pages. I used a 1" Zutter coil the full height of the journal.


The journal pages are attached to a black Stonehenge cardstock which is attached to the covers. I found the black Stonehenge was discoloring my first pages, which is why I added the Asian script heavy rice paper.



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