My Garden Journal

approx 6"w x 5"h x 1.25" thk.
Page size: 4.25"w x 5.5"h

Created: August 22, 2009


Well over at Created By Hand, the challenge this week is to create something with or about nature. This journal is one of the off spins from that theme. When I think of nature, I think of flowers and leaves before anything else. I have this beautiful Thai paper. It's thick, and has bright painted areas or designs on it, many with flowers or leaves. So I thought I'd use a couple different sheets to create the covers for each signature.

I decided to make my cover in the shape of a leaf, but rather than have to cut off portions of the signature pages, I square edged the cover, with the leaf illusion.


Back                                     Spine detail                                            cover

 My covers are made from mat board and the leaf is colored with Pan Pastels, the squared off area is done with a Krylon gold leafing pen as well as the edges all around. Used a speckle stamp (All Night Media), and made veins with a colored pencil. Wrote the words with a colored pencil and over  wrote portions of it with a jade gel pen.

Each of the 8 signatures has 8 pieces of Natural Parchment stationary paper folded in half to make 32 pages per signature plus the decorative paper covers for a total of 256 writeable pages.

The third and sixth signature covers are a plain Thai paper and I rubber stamped a quote on the front and back of each of those signatures (all quotes from Quietfire Design).

The back cover repeats the leaf design and individual words rubber stamped on it.

The inside of both the front and back cover is covered with the same decorative paper. I added gold eyelets for all the holes.

The journal is hand sewn using a 4 ply natural colored waxed linen thread over the 3 decorative gold braids using a macramé type stitch (double half hitches). I also added an independent horizontal row of beads. Then added another independent row of vertical beads, spelling out the word "Nature". The knots of the gold braid are prevented from fraying, coming apart and reinforced after tying with some white glue. 

Inside Front Cover

Back of 2nd signature and quote on 3rd signature

Quote on back of 3rd signature and front of 4th signature

Back of 5th signature and quote on 6th signature

Quote on back of 6th signature and front of 7th signature

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