Journal (closed): approx 5.65"w x 8.75"h x 1.25" thk.
Page size: 5.35"w x 8.5"h

Created: February 18, 2009
Modified: August 15, 2009


ID: Lettering Journal "Black/Black" (sold)

These journals were created for several lettering classes I'm teaching. I had also taught a class on how to make this journal.

It consists of 6 signatures of 6 pieces of paper/cardstock (8.5 x 11") folded in half to make a 5.35 x 8.5 page size after trimming. Each signature contains, 1 Synergy Bond 25% cotton, 1 white or cream cardstock, 1 Synergy Bond, 1 Full Spectrum black cardstock, 1 synergy Bond, 1 Canson 90# CP watercolor paper.

The covers are two pieces of mat board sandwiched together for durability and to hide the backs of the brads holding down the spine bands. They have been colored along their edges to match the mat board. The ID of each journal is the color of the outer mat board and the inner mat board.

The spine bands are a thick durable nylon webbing, similar to what's used on fanny packs. Each journal has a coordinating colored 4 ply waxed linen thread used for sewing.

The brads are one one, multi colored, on another faux rhinestones and on the last red brads.

The frames on the covers are made from Friendly plastic.


detail pics of the Black/Black Journal


ID: Lettering Journal "Black/White" (sold)

detail pics of the Black/White Journal


ID: Lettering Journal "Red/Black" (sold)


detail pics of the Red/Black Journal


ID: Lettering Journal "Grey/Red"


ID: Lettering Journal "Grey/Silver"

 The Grey/Red has the grey mat board color on the inside as well. Edges are colored with a red pen. Spine band is red with red 4 ply waxed linen thread and red square brads. Silver book corners.

The Grey/Silver has the grey mat board color on the inside as well. A grey marker was used to color the edges. Black spine band and grey 4 ply waxed linen thread. Faux Rhinestone brads and silver book corners.

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