ID: Geisha's Hideaway

Journal  (closed): approx 6.75"w x 8.5"h x 1" thk.
Journal  (open): approx 18"w x 8.5"h

This is another one of the instructions from the Mary Kaye Seckler book called "Book Arts - Beautiful Bindings for Handmade Books". It was called "Geisha's Hideaway" and I thought I'd keep the same name, even though I changed a couple minor things. 

I used book board for the covers and foam core for the pencil holder box.  The pencil holder is on the same board piece as the signatures so the right side cover holds the pencils in the box while acting as part of the journal closure. On the left cover are two dowels that slide within those black linen hinge tape tabs so that the tip overlaps onto the right hand cover holding the journal closed. The little bulbous section in the middle of the dowel is gold painted twine that was wrapped around the dowel. When the dowel slides back and forth it is prevented from going through the tabs by that bulbous portion.



The paper is a pretty mulberry gold printed paper. I used the red and the black giving the book an Asian feel to it. 

I used 6 signatures of 6 pages each plus the red cardstock covers for each signature. Alternate signatures of Grumbacher's Pentalic - Parchment paper for Calligraphy & Grumbacher's Pentalic Paper for Pens. The first is a creamy white mottled paper and the other is a very white slick type paper.

I bound the book using 2 ply country red waxed linen thread. The signatures were not sewn to the actual covers but to a piece of black cardstock (which I reinforced with linen hinging tape and painted black) and that have wings to slip into pockets created on the inside covers, so it is a free moving journal that moves with the way the book is opened. (it's probably a good way to continue using the covers, just change the journal pages). I also covered 2 pencils with the same paper.


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