ID: Double Journal - "Double Door Hearts"

Journal (closed): approx 8"w x 6"h x 1.5" thk. (not incl the bead wand closure)
Page size: 3.5"w x 5'5"h

Created: October 13/08
I've wanted to make a double journal for quite some time as well as a deep niche type shrine.  I've done both in this journal.

The journal lies totally flat when in use.


Left side of Journal

The covers are made from book board, painted with a dark green acrylic paint to match the book cloth of the spine.

The left journal has 14 signatures of 5 sheets each folded in half to give you 20 pages per signature (total of 280 journal pages) of Grumbacher's Drawing Paper, Medium Weight White 50#, good for Pencil, Charcoal & Pastel. Also good with pen and ink and markers.

The right side journal has 8 signatures of 6 sheets each folded in half to give you 24 pages per signature (total of 192 journal pages) of various papers. 1 sheet of Strathmore Drawing #400 Series; 3 sheets of Hilroy Classic Sketch Cartridge Paper for Pen & Ink, Charcoal & Pastel; 2 sheets of Grumbacher Artist's Academy Drawing Paper.

Each journal is bound with 2 ply white waxed linen thread over a reinforced mat board bridge band covered in the green book cloth in a blanket stitch type binding.



Right side of Journal


Journal Closed

The journal stays closed with a bamboo dowel covered with the Asian mulberry paper and a hand made paper bead and inserted into book cloth loops.

When the journal is open the bamboo dowel can be stored in the inside loop next to the loop for the pencil which is also wrapped in the Asian paper. (see top image for

  inside view). And I finally found a use for those decorative jumbo staples. They hold the loops for the pencil and dowel firmly down.

The inside covers and a portion of the inside back cover is covered with the Asian paper as well both as a decorative detail and to  cover the book cloth tabs.

The covers are enhanced with a covered book board in Asian green mulberry paper with a gold leaf motif.

I rubber stamped the quote (Quietfire Design "In Creating the only...") using Versafine stamp pad "Olympia Green".


Detail of left cover

The right side enhancement is a double layer of book board with a rectangular cut out and a mat board frame. The niche holds 4 glass hearts attached with nylon fishing wire and a shrink plastic white opaque heart with a stamped quote on it (Quietfire Design "No one can measure...") and attached with a gold heart brad. The frame section is thermal embossed with Queen's Gold embossing powder than various Opalites (Pipe Dream Ink "Frenglade", Eucalypt, Fool's Gold & Sunburnt) are added. Then a bit of Frozen Opals are melted on. I put a layer of the book cloth as a base for all the hearts.


Niche detail

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