ID: Coptic Pears "Anjou" & "Bosc"

ID: Pears Anjou & Bosc (2 needle Coptic)

Journal  (closed): approx 4.75"w x 5"h x 1" thk.

Modified: Nov 6, 2010

I Have made a piano hinged pear book in the past and thought I'd make a couple coptic bound ones. I love the shape of the pears and they way they stand and spread themselves out to really look like pears.

I used cream toned LBS end sheet paper from Columbia Mills which has a really nice weight to each page. It accepts many medias although bleeds with very thin inks, but is great with colored pencils, markers, gel pens, a little bit of watercolor pencils and thicker inks like FW acrylic or Sumi ink. Each book has 10 signatures of 3 sheets folded in half making 12 pages per signature for a total of 120 pages per book.

The covers are made from Book board and are about 1/8" larger than the pages. I put a layer of Utrecht gesso then a couple layers of acrylic paint either in the green tones or brown tones. Spattered them with brown paint and added the names with Sumi ink. Sprayed them with Krylon workable fixative and waxed them with Dorland's wax. I added green or copper eyelets in the holes for the binding for a decorative aspect. The binding itself is done with a 2 ply natural colored waxed linen thread in a 2 needle coptic style allowing the book to lay flat for ease of working in it. The beads (either seed beads or small decorative beads) are strung on a separate thread and tied to each coptic bar and then wrapped at the top with 4 ply waxed linen thread for the loop. The four ply is Drab Olive for "Anjou" & Walnut for "Bosc". I also added a paper leaf in a coordinating color. The book is self standing can be viewed flat or hung.

   (Anjou - sold) (Bosc - sold)




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