ID: Caterpillar Open Spine Book 

approx 3.5"w x 5.5"h

I fell in love with this caterpillar binding and decided to make my second hand bound book using the open spine and the caterpillar.


This is a small booklet, the main idea was to get the caterpillar binding done, but still have something worth using. So I cut 4 signatures of 2 pages each from a parchment pad I had, in the shape of a large butterfly. The signatures were a little dull for an open spine book so I decided to use some of my hand decorated papers I keep in my stash and cut smaller versions of the butterfly to use as cover sheets for each of the signatures. I used a dark green mat board for the covers and cut it in the same shape as the large butterfly but added about 1/4" on all edges. I also added a couple mini tabs for the open spine area and covered it with black book cloth. I used a jute color of linen thread which I put through my waxer so things moved more easily and stayed in place when done and did a simple over and through blanket stitch type binding (I have no idea what that's called??). I was now ready to do my caterpillar. I had already punched all my holes in both the covers and the signature spines. I used 1/2" width & about 1/8 to 1/4" spacing depending on where it curved. I also waxed some DMC Pearl cotton thread in a cream color. I was amazed at how easily it went. Mind you I could be a bit neater in the body section, but I'm extremely happy with the end results. I finished off the covers by using Dr. Martin's iridescent inks in a copper color and a light green to accent the wings, and then used a bronze color for the calligraphy.

Now to do a caterpillar binding with more than one color so I get nice stripes on the body...

Words: What the caterpillar calls the end of the world the master calls a butterfly. Richard Bach 



booklet lies extremely flat and stays closed in the closed position. I've left enough space (I hope) to add a few pictures of butterflies etc. I also like the way it stands in the open position.


Detail of caterpillar binding on front cover with a view of it running onto the signature spines. You can also see the over and through blanket stitch binding with the jute colored linen


The inside front view in standing position


You can see the stitches on the inside and the smaller butterfly cover sheets. The end of the threads just tie off on the back cover. Nice and neat.


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