ID: Apple Delicious

Book  (closed): approx 2.5"w x 4"h x 5/8" thk.
Book Open: 5"w

Our Guild Galleria for September/07 has to do with apples. So I decided to make a book in the shape of an apple. The pages are made from Grumbacher's Pentalic "Parchment Paper for Calligraphy" (6 signatures of 4 pages each). Signatures edged with a red Versa mark stamp pad. The covers are from book board which I painted with a red acrylic paint. I wrote the title "Red Delicious Apple" with a Zig marker, then put several layers of Diamond Glaze to give it a really shiny and waxy look.

I love the way these books stand or hang open and mimic the shape of an apple or whatever shape I'm using.


I used a 4 ply waxed linen thread (white) to sew the signatures in a kind of crossed over 2 needle Coptic & strung gold beads on alternate strands to mimic the core and seeds of the apple.

I wrapped the end of the binding thread with a bunch of half hitch knots using a 4 ply waxed linen thread (walnut brown) to mimic the branch and intertwined a couple of faux fabric leaves.





I included this pic to show the shininess of the apple cover

   AppleDelicious_Spine2 AppleDelicious_SpineDetail2

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