Scribbled Lives - December 2020

Created: December 6, 2020

This is the ninth month of challenges for the Scribbled Lives Facebook group.




ID: Wk 49 - Weathergrams
Size: ea 2.5"w x 8"h

On Bee Super Deluxe paper. It was the start of my wk 45 project which I didn't like so set if of to the side... Pulled it out and misted it heavily with water, tilting to move the color around, then sprinkled with Sifto coarse salt and regular table salt. Set aside to dry. Removed crystals and cut down to size.


This one uses the paper towel edge I used to sop up some of the excess water... adhered to another piece of Bee paper. With a Sharpie fine tip pen wrote out the quote in a monoline.

Quote: Do not go gentle into that good night but rage, rage against the dying of the light. Dylan Thomas


I used a 2.4 and a 6.0 Parallel pen with Sumi ink. Added gold gel pen doodling

Quote: My dear friend, clear your mind of CAN'T. Samuel Johson

With a 2.4 Parallel pen and Sumi ink.

Quote: Trust in dreams for i them is hidden the gate to eternity. Khalil Gibran 

ID: Wk 50 - Grand Finale
Size: 9"w x 12"h

On cream toned Stonhenge, using a credit card and Luna Lights - a deep blue and an aqua toned blue and Sargent Copper metallic paint created my marks, then heavily diluted the paint on my palette and brushed all over everything.

Used my Dr Brody ruling pen for the 1st time. NICE... and Sumi ink for the Grand Finale and pointed pen for the monoline words.

Added graphite shading on the Grand Finale using a Caran D'ache 5B pencil and paper stump, then highlighted with a pointed nib and Bleed Proof white.

I was eating some Ferrero Rocher chocolates and decided to use the gold paper, punching out my little squares (ps I add a piece of copy paper under the gold paper to prevent it from tearing while punching out. I then splattered Ecoline Gold ink with a tootbrush.

That background was definitely out of my comfort zone, but am very pleased with the results.









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