Scribbled Lives - August 2020

Created: August 7, 2020
Modified: September 3, 2020

This is the eight month of challenges for the Scribbled Lives Facebook group.



ID: Wk 32 - Rebus - 2BeOrNot2Be

Various rubber stamps on 110# white Staples cardstock. Heat embossed with Emerald Creek Modern Gilding Powder.

"to be or not to be, that is the question"

ID:  Wk 33 - Weave - Weave Me A Rope
Size: 8"w x 6"h

On white 110# Staples cardstock. 3.8 Parallel pen and Sumi ink. Using an Automatic 2 prong and Walnut ink for the weave pattern adding a touch of red Color Brush.



ID: Wk 34 - Recipe - Swagger

Arches HP 90# watercolor paper, using a flat edge brush created my letterforms (Julie Wildman style) with very diluted blue Bister ink and dropping in Dr Martin's concentrated w/c (Wild Rose & Slate Blue) then sprinkling with Schminke gold powder. Balance of text with a 2.4 Parallel pen and Sumi ink in Foundational style.


ID: Wk 35 - Alphabet - Destiny

on Staples 110# white cardstock, designed my alphabet using a black Zig Writer, a B-5 nib with Holbein Flame Red Gouache.





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