Scribbled Lives - May 2021

Created: May 9, 2021
Modified: May 28, 2021

This is the Scribbled Lives Facebook group challenge.



ID: wk 18 - Your Own Words - Don't Talk
Size: 9"w x 6"h

On Arches 90# HP watercolor paper wrote out my letters in a Bone style using chisel unknown brand #4 brush and a Simply Simmons #8 brush and lots of water. Immediately sprinkled with Bister powders using Tim's Glitter Dusters. Let dry thoroughly then shadowed with a Caran d'Ache Grafwood #5B pencil and paper stump.

ID: Wk 19 - Taking It Forward

This week we were asked to look over the ZOOM classes we've taken during the pandemic and work on what we've learned... I've taken over 30 ZOOM classes so far, so I have a wealth of stuff to choose from BIG GRIN.

See below for the descriptions of each. All are done on Arches 90# HP Watercolor paper.




ID: Every Letter A Jewel - Taking It Forward - F
Size: 4.5" sq

A class with Julie Wildman. 

Drew out my letter "F" using Daniel Smith Gold Gesso in a fine tipped applicator. Painted with various watercolors. Wrote in the theme with a 2.4 Parallel pen and Sumi ink. Added Doodling with a Micron pen.

ID: Fibonacci - Taking It Forward
Size: 4.5" sq

A class with Gemma Black.

Drew out my Fibonacci sequence with a micron pen and loaded a segment with lots of water then sprinkled Bister powders using my Tim Holtz Glitter Duster. When dry continued on to the next segment, not to contaminate the previous one... Painted the background with the brown.

Wrote the words in a computer font - unknown name - with the Micron pen and painted between the letters with the Natural Bister adding a bit of the red in the letters.




ID: Filigree - Taking It Forward - F
Size: 4.5" sq

A class with Benoit Furet who does gorgeous Filigree artwork.

I drew my circle and wrote in the "F" with a Simply Simons #10 Chisel brush and WInsor and Newton watercolor. Outline with a micron pen and added some shading with a Prisma colored pencil. Filigree with a pointed nib  (Gullot Rigid) and Holbien Prussian Blue gouache sprinkled with Schmincke gold powder. Wrote out the words with a 2.4 Parallel pen and Sumi ink in Uncial style. Final touch added 23K gold leaf dots

ID: Palm Tree - All I Need
Size: 4.5" sq

This is a class with Barbara Close. We've done several tree subjects so far. Palm trees was yesterday's class - so thought I'd practice.

Lettering pressure release with a pointed nib.



ID: Wk 20 - Nature Tools - Carrot
Size: 11"w x 4.5"h

I used both the tip and the broken end of a carrot for the "carrot" words. Quote written with pointed pen and Sumi ink.

quote: My heart says cheese dip. My jeans say, good God woman, eat some carrots!



ID: Wk 21 - Color - Ornamental Trees
Size: 8" w x 10"h

On Arches 90# HP watercolor paper, masked off 1 tree at a time and sponged with various Golden QoR watercolors.

Colors in order as per picture: Green Gold; Sap Green; Viridian Green; Diarylide Yellow; Cadmium Red Medium; Burnt Umber Natural, Paynes Grey.

Wrote the quote with a 2.4 Parallel pen and Sumi ink and shadowed with a pointed pen and the red in an Uncial style.




ID: Wk 21 - Color - Alcohol Poppies
Size: 6" sq

I recently got a new brand of Alcohol Inks (T-RexInks) - all the colors and finally got around to trying them...

On Craft white opaque plastic drop my alcohol inks and blew out into petal shapes using Tim Holtz blower. With pointed pen added some details with 99% alcohol and a Sharpie for the tiny flower dots.

Wrote the text with a .03 Micron pen in a funky lettering.

Quote: Through the dancing poppies stole a breeze, most softly lulling to my soul. John Keats


ID: Wk 


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