Scribbled Lives - January 2021

Created: January 7, 2021
Modified: January 29, 2021

This is the first month of the new challenge for the Scribbled Lives Facebook group.




ID: "wk 1 - New Year - "New Beginning"
Size: 6"w x 5.5"h

The Edmonton Calligraphy Society had Leslie Winakur give a lecture on the history of Illuminated letters and then a brief demonstration. So thought I'd use a bit of what I learned... 

On 110# Staples white cardstock drew my letter then inked with Kuretake Vermilion Sumi ink. Doodled with Holbien Prussian Blue gouache sprinkled with Neuberg Ebel fine silver powder. Filled is some of the areas with Kurtetake Silver Mica ink. For the text I sprinkled the Prussian blue with Schmincke gold powder.




ID: Wk 2 - Word - Serendipity
6"w x 3"h (each word)

On Arches Textwove I used my Glitter Dusters filled with Bister powders and sprayed with yellow, red & blue. Using every size of Parallel Pen dipped in water wrote out the words.

Upper Left: ascending and descending from smallest to largest and reverse order.
Upper Right: Descending and ascending from largest to smallest and reverse order.
Lower Left: Using my center line as a median going from largest to smallest and reverse order.
Lower Right: Again, center line as a median going from smallest to largest and reverse order.

On the 1st one I added some graphite



ID: wk 2 - Word - Perspective
Size: each word is approx 6.5"w x 2"h

On Arches Textwove paper. I used Holbien gouache and with every color of the caps adding Scmincke powders (gold's, silver and copper) wrote out my words. Bummer it's not that visible.







ID: wk 3 - Janus - Black Gold
Size: 7.5"w x 7.5"h

I'm not a chocoholic but I do enjoy Ferrero Rocher... I've usually saved the wrappers to do something with them one day!!! Well this is the day...

Smoothed out the wrinkles as best as possible then adhered to regular 110# cardstock. I tried writing using my Sumi ink, but it just beaded all over the place. So pounced a bit of Sandarac and tried again. Much better. I used a 6.0 parallel pen and the Sumi ink, then a B-5 nib for the rest.

Black Gold doesn't exist except as man made but the Rocher chocolate can definitely take its place.



ID: Wk 4 - Windows - Yes & No booklet
Size: 5"w x 4"h

Cover: covered with plumbers aluminum foil and tooled and colored with various alcohol inks and Distress pads. Front cover has the word "YES" raised embossed. The back has the words "& NO" raised embossed.

The colored pages all colored with Distress pads, the words hand cut out to form the windows, and a crackle stamp used for enhancement.

Various "Yes/No" quotes written with a Zig Writer in a funky monoline.


ID: Wk 5 - 
Size: 8"w x 4"h


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