Friend Deco: Page 8 & 9
The word Friendship is done on cardstock with layers of gold, yellow, green, red, peach and orange stamp pads and several layers of clear embossing powder then a couple layers of jeweled gold embossing powder. You can see more of the glitter in the lettering in the second pic. The letters were then cut out and pasted onto a reinforcing strip on the top and bottom of the letters. It is not pasted onto the pages but inserted behind the maple leaves with tabs. When the book is partially opened the letters pop away from the page. I backed the lettering with a multi colored mulberry paper. The leaves are punched out using the cover paper and some scraps from another project.  The poem is something I thought was appropriate for this deco and I used twinkles watercolor paint (cinnamon brown) and a straight nib on some gold parchment paper.

Online friend I have never seen you before,
But I know you are really there.
I click you into reality, like magic in the air.
Your voice is like an angel, though I really do not hear.
Your hug is warm as any of the loved ones I hold dear.
You are always there for comfort, or a word of cheer
Though you are very far away, I always have you near.
You are a very special friend, like none I've ever known.
As long as you are in cyberspace, I will never be alone. author unkown

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