February 12, 2008 - QF House Template

I absolutely love this book made as a result of this challenge & template. I will definitely be using the template again. I want to make an accordion style book from mat board incorporating all the themes that are popping into my head as a result of the word "House" I'm even jotting them down with little mini sketches, so I don't forget them. Soon. But this book is a spin off of that idea. Not enough time to do the accordion one justice, so I made the book. The cover and back are made from mat board and are a couple of the themes I was thinking about for my accordion book. The pages inside are made from a cream toned single fold folio end sheet paper that I recently purchased from Columbia Mills. I really love this paper. It has a nice thickness to it, takes colored pencils, pastels, markers and most inks I've tried. I really look forward to filling it up with all kinds of house quotes.

I added the chimney to the house template. For my style of houses, it needed it. I cut 3 houses out of white mat board  The third house is a divider between the first four signatures and the second set of four signatures. The book is approx 5"w x 8.5" to the top of the roof peak and 1.5" thick. I have a total of eight signatures, each of which has 1 page the shape of the house template and then 3 pages without the roof section. I attached the single, third mat board house, to each of the outside houses using a piece of black medium heavy duty belting twill type material. I glued it to the inside covers and then attached 2 long neck brass eyelets (available from Quietfire Design) for extra holding power. I sewed the signatures around this belting with 2 ply red waxed linen thread. The black pics up the color of the edge of the mat board which I colored with a black Zig marker, The red is one of the colors I used predominately on both the front and back covers. 

All the mat board houses were painted on both sides using Ceramcoat by Delta acrylic paint "Luscious Lemon". Nice and bright. I used Tombow watercolor markers and a water brush to move colors around. Also used some Versamark stamp pads and a Nick Bantok brown stamp pad to distress the yellow on the front. On the back I used Color Box chalk stamp pads and a stencil brush to shadow the edges of the roof, and through a square grid pattern to add a textural look.




Front cover:

I rubber stamped the giraffe (Artfull Stamper "African Queen") and left hand frog on a separate piece of the folio paper, embossed it with black and colored them in with Tombow markers. Cut them out and glued them to the cover when the other elements were done. Rubber stamped the leaves from the frog stamp (Artfull Stamper "Tree Frog") randomly on the bottom edge and black embossed them and colored in. The right hand frog is a Dreamweaver stencil which I used Golden's molding paste mixed with some green Luminarte powder and some of the yellow acrylic paint. Hand painted in the red sections on the feet and eyes. The chimney was done with a a non waterproof ink and then misted with water to let the ink run a bit, then blotted with tissue paper. The quote on the door is in the New Celtic monoline with a Zig black marker.

Quote: My home is like a zoo! Hop on over and climb the walls with me.

Back Cover:

At the peak of the roof I used a Dreamweaver stencil and mixed my Golden's molding paste with some Jasper Red Luminarte powder. The windows have some white paper lace to mimic lacey curtains. Added the cross hatching on the windows with a Zig black marker. The bird is another Dreamweaver stencil which I did with white paste and then colored in with Tombows. I used a grid pattern randomly all over the yellow walls. Punched out flowers and shamrocks and glued them to the window boxes which are just pieces of white cardstock cut at a slight angle. The white picket fence is another Dreamweaver stencil and plain white molding paste and some glued on flowers and leaves. The quote is done with the Rennie Mackintosh monoline and a black Zig marker.

Quote: A home can be a house, but a house is not a home without love. 






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