August 19, 2008 - Dream "Zutter Hard Cover Journal"

Created: Aug 19, 2008

Size:  7.5"w x 7"h x 1.25" thk (page size 6.5" x 6.5")
69 sheets for a total of 138 pages.

I recently bought a book (Modern Mark Making by Lisa Engelbrecht) that had a binding I hadn't thought about, but realized it had the best of both worlds - a coil binding in a hard cover journal with the coils not being seen from the outside.

I started out cutting square pieces of paper using cream colored LBS end sheets from Columbia Mills. Punched them with my Zutter and put them aside.

The sub cover that holds the text block and the zutter wire (5/8" wire) and attaches to the hard cover was made with cream toned Stonehenge paper and reinforced in the spine area with Linen Hinging Tape. I wanted something that was strong yet has a long wear and tear factor for folding and unfolding. When the holes were punched and the wire inserted into it and the text block, I put that aside.

The covers and spine piece are made from book board  and the spine area is covered with a smoky grey linen book cloth. The front cover is done with a weaving technique I just learnt at a friends house. It uses two pieces of paper with the same design on both papers. One has vertical slits cut into it and the other has horizontal strips cut out of it and then woven into the slotted piece. Both the slits and the strips have a  miniscule sliver cut off of them for better fitting and matching of design. When the weave was completed I glued it to my cover board. Then stamped the Asian symbol for "Dream" using Versafine stamp pad (a mix of Spanish Moss and Smoky grey). The back is spliced together from sections remaining from the Asian paper and the left hand leaf was slightly cut out to overlap the Asian text piece and make it look like one piece..



Back Cover

Inside text block and cover


Detail of Weaving front cover

Detail of Asian Dream stamp


Spine view

Top View

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