Mini ATCs Out Of Africa Series (June 2006)


ID: Out of Africa #1


ID: Out of Africa #2

The first 2 minis were made using acrylic skin. I placed a mini ATC under a piece of glass as a template. In #1 I thermal embossed the zig-zag and double line onto the glass, then spread layers of acrylic paint and gel mediums. When dry I used a thin bladed knife and carefully lifted the acrylic from the glass. I wrapped it around a mini ATC cardstock. For the mask I used toilet paper in one of my molds, when dry sprayed it with some Moon Glow iridescent gold and rubbed some gold metallic onto the surface.

This skin I just applied a layer of gold acrylic onto a piece of glass, spreaded some magenta and some teal and some gold flake. When dry I peeled it off the glass and wrapped it around my ATC. I added some dried beans on the bottom right as well as some acrylic beads by Liquitex. I glued on my panther face which I made out of Sculpey and painted black. 


ID: Out of Africa #3

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I painted my cardstock with Dr Martin's Copper acrylic ink, then applied various types of seeds (Mung beans, barley, black eyed peas, lentils & peas). I added my elephant made out of Sculpey and painted a brownish grey. I mounted this onto brown cardstock which was first sprayed with various Moon Glow colors. 

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